The podcast game show where we deep dive top fives!

These aren't your typical lists as they're meant to make us think harder to give listeners the answers they may not expect.

If this is your first time in the Über Cinco den, let us wake you out of hibernation with a quick rundown of the rules. Each player in the den has spent time with today’s topic arranging their top 5 answers in order of importance.

Those answers have been submitted to the host who will moderate the game, awarding points to the player with the most poignant answer. Starting with their number 5 choice, we will move up the ranks until we reach each of their top answers.

BUT….If both contestants happen to have the same answer on their list, we have an ÜBER STAREDOWN!!!! You will hear the official Über Cinco siren, and both players must reveal their answer and what number they ranked their submission.

An Uber Staredown is all or nothing with one player earning three points. After all answers have been read, the host will reveal the final score.

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About the Hosts

Nathan HennenfentProfile Photo

Nathan Hennenfent


Retired Cornhusking Champion.

Mitch BrinkmanProfile Photo

Mitch Brinkman


Fledgling data scientist, writer/performer and man who prefers his food a certain way.

Brian ErnstProfile Photo

Brian Ernst


Video dude. Newspaper guy.